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Context Statement

Updated: November 2017

Centre Number: 5628
Centre Name: Largs North Kindergarten

1. General information

Centre name
Largs North Kindergarten

Centre number

Preschool Director
Connie Cowling

Postal address
21 Kybunga Terrace, Largs North SA 5016

Location address
As Above

Telephone number
(08) 8248 1353

Fax number
(08) 8341 9916

E-mail address
mailto: Connie.Cowling540@schools.sa.edu.au

DECD Partnership
Le Fevre Peninsula Partnership

Geographical Location – road distance from GPO (km)
16 km

2017 – 55 children

Stand Alone

Programs Operating

Sessional Kindergarten for eligible children
Monday – Thursday: 2 sessions per day
8:45 a.m. – 11:45 noon
11:45 p.m. – 2.45 p.m.

Families can negotiate 5 sessions per week for their child, based on the child’s needs, family needs and availability.
Lunch/Full day
Parents can select for their child to have 2 sessions in one day. Lunch care is part of the preschool program.
Bilingual Support
When required, our centre accesses the DECS Bilingual Support System.
Speech Pathology
On consultation with parents, staff can refer children to the DECD speech pathologists for an assessment and possibly a programme and preschool support.
Preschool Support
The Centre works with the Special Educator  to access support hours for children who require additional support .
Our playgroup operates on Fridays from 9:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.
Our Early Childhood Worker, Cheryl, facilitates the playgroup.

2. Key Centre Policies

“To provide a safe, caring, happy, inclusive environment for educators, children, families and the community to come together to learn, discover and grow in a play based, child centred learning space.”

In order to work towards this vision, we emphasise the following:

  • The importance of developing and maintaining respectful relationships with families, children, other educators and the community based on trust and compassion. This engenders a strong sense of belonging and a sense of community.
  • The idea that the Kindy is a learning community and that educators, children and families will all have an important role to play in the planning and implementation of the learning that occurs in all areas of the kindy. We are all partners in developing a culture of deep engagement with learning and reflection.
  • Having high expectations for all children and families. This means supporting families to remove the barriers to success and to promote inclusion and participation of all children in whatever ways are most helpful.
  • Respecting diversity in all our dealings, so that our community values the practices, values and beliefs of all our families and in doing so, be able to foster children’s motivation to learn. Thinking critically about differences and similarities and the need to address unfairness, is important to us as a compassionate and supportive community.

These values are important to the kindy community and they guide us in our work within the Community.
Respect: Kindness and Compassion: Responsibility: Honesty: Trust

We use DECD policies where appropriate. The Centre also has policies regarding:
Sun Safe
Interactions with children
Enrolment and Orientation
Concerns and complaints
Raising a Complaint with DECD

3. Curriculum

Framework used
The Early Years Learning Framework

4. Centre Based Staff

Universal Preschool

In 2013: Staff Profile
Director: 1.0
Teacher: 0.5
Teacher: 0.5
ECW: 0.6
ECW: 0.4

Performance Management Programme
Yes – as part of our Pshycological Health Action Plan, National quality Standards and Staff interests and needs for their careers and preschool requirements.

Access to special support staff
Yes via the Regional office


5. Centre Facilities

Buildings and grounds
Stand alone site in a suburban street just off the Esplanade.
Two outdoor storage sheds: one indoor store room
Large outdoor undercover area.
Pleasant street frontage
No withdrawal rooms
Established in 1956—oldest preschool on the LeFevre Peninsula

Capacity (per session)

Centre Ownership
Largs North Progressive Association—this no longer exists—DECD maintains all the buildings and grounds.

Access for children and staff with disabilities
This is an area that requires improvement in the grounds.


6. Local Community (intended for country preschools)

General characteristics: (eg. types of work available, languages usually spoken at home, local developments)
New industries along in the Port Adelaide area include
Submarine Corp
Port Adelaide Docks
New Expressway
Mainly English spoken in our homes with a small smattering of other cultures—Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Russian, Phillipine.
Port Adelaide redevelopment may affect our numbers
Older homes being bought by young families has increased our playgroup numbers.

Parent and community involvement in the preschool
This is very high—an active Governing Council and parent support for all aspects of the curriculum is very good.
The Staff and council work at being inclusive of all sections of the community.

Schools to which children generally transfer from this preschool
Largs Bay Primary (70%)
Semaphore Dominican (25%)
Other (5%)

Other local care and educational facilities, eg child care, schools, OSHC
LeFevre Community Childcare Centre
Ocean View College
2 ABC Centres are used by some of our children

Commercial/industrial and shopping facilities
Port Adelaide Redevelopment is close
West Lakes Shopping Centre
Semaphore Road Shopping Precinct

Other local facilities, eg medical, sporting, social, cultural, recreational
Medical, sporting and other social and cultural activities in the area.

Availability of staff housing

Accessibility to Adelaide and relevant major centres, including public transport and its availability, frequency and cost (especially by air), road quality
Train and bus to the city nearby.

Local Government body (name, phone number), availability of publications describing the local area (with source, cost), characteristics, level of involvement
Port Adelaide Enfield Council—they publish many different papers and brochures during the year.

7. Further Comments

Establishment of new services and/or programmes
Universal Preschool started in Term 1, 2012.

Partnership/incorporation arrangements with other groups
Largs North Kindergarten Playgroup