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The Learning Program (Curriculum) at Largs North Kindergarten

Largs North Kindergarten uses the The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia “Belonging, Being & Becoming” in our work with the children. The outcomes for the children we work towards are:

  • A strong sense of identity
  • Being connected with and contributing to their world
  • Having a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Becoming confident and involved learners
  • Being effective communicators.

Staff encourage the children to explore and learn from each activity – literacy or numeracy skills; learning how to be social & fair; developing good coordination; learning to be persistent by expanding their thinking & creative skills and discussions about behaviour & commitment.

The kindy is well resourced. We have a wonderful inside environment and a fantastic outdoor area where children can have many exciting adventures. There are computers, a shed full of equipment and…we may have mentioned that we are near the beach!!

We are committed to developing strong relationships with each family which builds a secure and trusting base for the children to learn from.

The children are an important part of our planning team and each week their interests and enquiries reflect much of the program.  This program allows the children to play, think, create, ponder/wallow, have quiet times – and noisy times – dream, reflect, shout and have fun.

For further information about our Learning Program or to arrange a time to meet, please contact the Kindergarten.

For detailed information about DECD curriculum guidelines for South Australia click here.