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What can you do?

Largs North Kindergarten has been part of the Largs North Community for 50 years. It was built by parents for the children!! In the middle of the 1950s, a community group – The Largs North Progressive Association – were very keen to provide kindergarten education for the children of the district.  They convinced the Port Council to give them 2 blocks of land and raised money through fundraising and built it themselves.

New parents to the kindy can still offer the same community support. There are many ways that parents can be part of their child’s kindy experience:

  • Develop great relationships with your child’s teachers
    This is the best way to support your child through their kindy year.
  • Volunteer
    There are always jobs to do at a preschool –
    Helping during a session
    Coming on excursions
    Sharing a talent
    Doing odd jobs (covering books etc)
    Helping with fundraisers
    Helping with IT
    …just ask!!
  • Be part of the Governing Council
    Supporting the director and staff by making decisions, discussing preschool business, planning fundraisers, helping with policies, etc, etc.