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Upsy Down Day

Recently the children have enjoyed listening to some ‘wacky’ stories such as, “Upsy Down Town”, “The Wrong Book”, “Shark in the Park” and “Wacky Wednesday”. We thought it would be fun to hold two “Upsy Down Days” at kindy where things will be upside down, funny, crazy, wacky, wrong, strange, odd.

These will be held on Wednesday, 14th November and Thursday, 15th November, 2012.

We are asking for family participation to make these days memorable. Please encourage your child to dress in funny ways for the day… e.g. wear their clothes inside out, back to front, upside down, whatever!!

If your child does not normally attend on a Wednesday or Thursday, please speak to a staff member to arrange to swap a session so they can join us.

Each year, the kindy participates in the Port Adelaide Enfield Twilight Christmas Parade. This year our theme will be “Upsy Down Christmas”.

Your child can wear their Upsy Down Day costume and you can give it a Christmas flavor if you like. Staff will be attending, but we ask that you come along to walk with your child. Older or younger children can walk with us as well. Our parade number is A6 and the directions are on the back of this note. It is very exciting for the children to be part of the Parade instead of just watching it, so come along and join us in this Community Event!

Date: Saturday 17th November.
Assemble: About 5 pm should be early enough. The Parade starts at 6 pm.
Parade Number: A6 – The marshalls will direct you to the assembly place.